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Cell and Systems Biology
Michael Inzlicht

Lec 4 When we actively try not to think about something- its extremely difficult and you end up thinking about it a a lot more than if your not thinking about it- ironic suppression Mental control  control is typically in many disciplines modeled as feedback loops o to establish control one needs a goal, once you set a goal you got a motor of control and more importantly you need a monitoring ( a system that detects that your not getting what u want- goal is not being met). Once it detects it will go back into the operative system. o Operative process is resource intensive o The monitoring process is resource free o When the operating process is depleted the monitoring process still goes on, so we can suppress only for a short period of time and it fatiques but the monitoring process is still around. STUDY  Because suppressors activate the unwanted stereotype repeatedly, they will experience rebound effect (greater activation). Methods:  Suppress skinhead stereotype vs non-supress  Write “day in the life” of a photographed person  Lexical Decision Task: o Judge whether presented strings are words or non-words o If construct is primed, will react to it more quickly o Reaction time for stereotypical words ( aggressive, racist) o Shorter RTs= more activation of the constructs  Looked at reaction time with words that were related to stereotypes  LDT measures Whether a construct (eg stereotype) is being activated  Participants saw a picture of a skinhead and they were don’t think about the skinhead and write a story about his life, or do what you want and write a story  The prediction of the Macrea skinhead stereotype study? Its that people who suppress will be faster to words like violent and aggressive  Will people react differently to words that are related to skinhead stereotype, will people who just suppressed thoughts about skinhead are actually thinking about skinheads.  Results of the study: Macrea study: o Those individuals who suppressed stereotypes in previous tasks now had those stereotypes hyperaccessible  Suppression could lead to rebound effects it results in exact opposite to whats expected  Suppresion also affects thought and behavior, those people who suppressed stereotypes about skinhead sat further away from the jacket on the chair compared to those that didn’t suppress their thoughts  Critique: o It will predict behavior in artificial settings but what about real world. Modern Prejudice  There used to be segregation between whites and blacks in US  Prejudice has not gone but it has changed form  Its no longer acceptable or fashionable to be racist  There is still resistance to integration: o Affirmative action- it’s a policy enacted by various government to equalize playing fields. Sometimes its not fair but in long view it is fair o Marriage- its not so uncommon to get intergroup relationships  Modern racist consider that racism is history, they don’t consider themselves to be racist, they dont have explicit overt attitudes towards a group but they disguise their values behind opposition to policies ( I don’t like people that want to change my culture).  They are still racist but they are hiding it from other people. o Opposition to affirmative action, or a mosque building near their house  When people can hide behind something that’s when you see racism the most, their name is not attached to what they say, they know they are safe o there are however some groups that don’t want to be prejudice, even if they are protected ( on the web for example), they feel uneasiness and discomfort, you may not even know it yourself but you are prejudice.  When there are clear rules of what to do in a situation, aversive racist will do the right thing, a person wants u to help them but they give u good justification of why you should help them, you will help them, but if they don’t give u good enough reason and you had to choose between helping a white or black ull help the white. Aversive racism STUDY  When normative pressure is absent, people will express prejudice, they want to be equalitarian but they have no normative pressure pushing them to be equalitarian. They really want it but they aren’t aware of it  People who want to be equalitarian but have prejudice beliefs= liberal party.  Modern racist must have some baggot attitudes but are hiding it due to certain laws while liberals are racist but they don’t realize it themselves. Devine’s dissociation model:  Sterotypes are inevitable part of categorization and cultural knowledge  There is however a difference between knowledge a
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