Chapter 4

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Cell and Systems Biology
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Melanie Woodin

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CSB332H1S Ch4 ReadingConnexinsconnect adjacent cells allow passage of most inorganic ionsmany small organic Permeabilityconcentration determine channel molecsconductance2 types of electrical signals in nerve cellsOpenClosed StatesGraded pots localized in membraneProt molecs dynamic never still due to thermal energies since largeAction pots propagated along entire neuronal Atomic trembling can underlie slowlarge processchangesResting potsteady electrical pot across Numerous rapid motions of atoms occasionally membraneallow grps to slide by another in spite of mutual 30100mVrepulsionsinside of membranerelative to outsideCan last for mss Ex hemoglobinSignalling in NS mediated by changes in Instantaneousmembrane potOpen times vary randomlyAct potslarge brief pulses off depolarizationEach has characteristic mean open time Propagate along axonsKCl channels often openimportant for resting membrane potChanges in membrane pot always produced by ion When activated prob of opening sharply increasesmovementCan be deactivatedEx Na ininside lessdepolarizationActivationdeactivation do not change Ex K out or Cl in inside moreSome enter conformation where unaffected by hyperpolarizationactivating stimulusInactivatedcant respond to depolarizationRapid ion movement thru ion channelsDesensitizationcant respond to chemical Ion currents regulated by rate of openingclosingstimuliPerceptionanalysis of signals generation of Open Channel Blocklarge molec ex toxin complex motor outputsall depend on ion can blockocclude porechannel activityMg can block some cation channelsbind in inner mouth dont permeateProperties of Ion ChannelsThe Nerve Cell MembraneModes of ActivationFluid mosaic of lipidprot molecsPhysical changes in cell membran
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