Chapter 5 (only required sections relating to lecture)

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University of Toronto St. George
Cell and Systems Biology
Melanie Woodin

CSB332H1S Ch 5 ReadingHalf of entire moleconly required to read what is covered in lectureEvenof membrane crossingsCOOH terminal also extracellularNeurons perform wide repertoire of bhvrWhen closely packeddimerize via extracellular Experimental advancesdisulfide crosslinks btwn cysteines near COOHs of s 1cDNA clones of channel protsaa seqs 13 aa cys loopasitedirected mutagenesisMA helix in cytoplasm2mRNA derived from cDNA clones used to express Other Nicotinic Ach Receptorschannel prots in host cells ex Xenopus oocytesSimilar isolationseqing of neuronal nAChR afnal properties measuredsubunits from autonomic gangliavertebrate brainbalter specific prot regionssee fn effect233refined electron microscope imagingXray 12 subunits discovered from chickenratcrystallographycommon genetic originadetailed physical view at molecular levellarge family of subunitscombine selectivelybesp ligandactivated nAChRvoltageform diverse variety of channel isotypes w dif fnal activatedprops ex ion selectivity conductance kineticsLigandActivated ChannelsA Receptor SuperfamilyThe Nicotinic Acetylcholine ReceptornAChR is member of superfamily of Cysloop first channel to be studied in detailreceptorsligandactivateduse receptor instead of serotonin glycine aminobutyric acid channelinvertebrate glutamategatedreceptor rec Clrely on ligand vs channel propertiesactivated by ionic zincpostsynaptic membrane of vertebrae skeletal remaining members are anionselectivemuscle fibres neurons thruout NS of invertebrateseach has aof subunits isotypesvertebrates neuroeffector junctions of electric identify via recombinant DNA techniquesorgans in electric fishactivated by Ach released from presynapticReceptor StructureFnlet cations move thrusome mutations affecting selectivityconductance nicotinicAch action mimicked by nicotinelocated on M2 helicessuggesting they line the Muscarinic AChRs are metabolic not ionicopen channelDense assembly of synapses on electrocyte S
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