Chapter 11-12 notes (related to lecture)

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University of Toronto St. George
Cell and Systems Biology
Melanie Woodin

CSB332H1S Ch1112 Notes related to lecture figureswould depolarize the muscle if wasnt voltage clampedDirect chemical transmission via ionotropic recsAt morepotshigher endplate current Membrane pot changes wi 1msamplitudeSlower indirect chemical transmission via When endplate pot clamped above 0mVmetabotropic recscurrent flows out of muscleAt excitatory synapses cation channels openDepolarization eventually causes current At inhibitory synapses anion channels opensdirn to reversemembrane pot stayswrt thresholdC Endplate current as a fn of membrane potDirection of current flow depends on the permeant Nearly linearions concelectrochem gradsReversal pot V close to 0mV membrane potrElectrical transmission at synapses specialized for very fast reflex responsesin mammalian CNS to Found that changing extracellular concs of cations coordinate nerve cell activitychanged reversal pot no effect from changing extracellular Cl concluded ACh increased general cation permeabilityA Electrical synapsedirect current flow btwn cells thru intercellular connexons cluster to form gap junctionsB Chemical synapsedepolarization of presynaptic In CNS most excitatory synapses on de
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