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Sathya SivapathasundaramthThursday 14 2011Day 4Role 3 Thematic ThinkerTheme rebirthHe was now Boy Staunton and it suited him admirably Just as Childe Rowland and Childe Harold were so called because they epitomized romance and gentle birth he was Boy Staunton because he summed up in himself so much of the glory of youth in the postwar periodHe gleamed he glowed his hair was glossier his teeth whiter than those of common young men Davis 109In this passage the theme rebirth was evident when Percy Boyd Staunton renamed himself as Boy Staunton He believes that it relates to his life as glory of the youth forgetting about the past when he was a soldier serving for the country In addition his competitiveness with Dunstan had faded away because he is now mature and adored on the other hand Dunstan felt as if he was beneath Boy and continued to envy him Boy however helped Dunstan by introducing him into stock information and investment of buying and selling goods CommentsIn this section my group and I have come to a conclusion that this book as a whole is to find their identity of whom they can are Dunstan had left to war hoping to see who he is however due to his lack of education and his injury he had decided to go back to school Percy on the other ha
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