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Chapter 3

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James Thomson

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Chemistry Review CHAPTER 3 (mol) MOLE: a devised unit to count chemical entities by weighing them - “Amount of substance” AMT OF SUB THAT HAS SAME # OF ENTITIES AS # OF ATOMS IN 12g OF C 12 AKA… AVAGRADRO’S NUMBA! 23 6.022x10 entities SO, 1 mol has 6.022x1023 entities 1mol What Mole Tells Us - The # of objects in a given mass - 1 mole of C12 has 6.022x1023 C12 atoms + mass of 12g - ½ mole of C12 has 3.011x1023 atoms + mass of 6g - In elements, mass in amu of one atom of an element = mass (g) of 1 mole of atoms of element - Ex) 1 atom of S has a mass 32.07amu, 1 mole of S has mass 32.07g Mass amu(in box)= mass g - In compounds, mass in amu of molecule = mass (g) of 1 mole of compound - Entire entity’s weight - Ex) H2O =18.02 2 KEY POINTS 1) MOLE RELATES # OF ENTITIES TO MASS OF ENTITIES ABOUT IMP. OF 2) SAME # OF MASS(amu) + MASS (g) MOLES Molar
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