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Chapter Week 1

CLA160H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Week 1: Calchas, Chryseis, Chryses

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Ben Akrigg
Week 1

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Iliad Book One Summary;
Achaeans under command of achilles have sacked a town that was an ally of Troy. Achilles and Agamemnon both
take concubines as prizes, Briseis and Chryseis, respectively. Chryseis father, Chryses, priest of Apollo. Begs for her
return. Agamemnon denies , so Apollo unleashed a plague. Achilles nervous about the weakening state of their
armies asks Calchas to tell them the reason for the plague, he states that it is Agamemnon and his refusal to return
Chryseis. Achilles wants her gone but Agamemnon says only if Achilles gives him his concubine. Achilles threatens
to desert. Athena calms down the situation and Achilles gives him Briseis. Achilles reaches out to mother Thetis and
her friend God Zeus. Chryseis makes it home to her father and Apollo. The plague is lifted. But not the end of trouble
for Agamemnon and Achilles. Achilles won't fight.
Homer: Jonathan S. Burgess
Iliad Book 6 notes
Hector thinks that there is no way for anyone to know their fate
Their tender feelings for each other do not break down the boundary of gender roles
- Cyclo’s drinks potent win
- Asks his name and he says Nobody
- Stabs his eye; ow nobody speared me in the eye
Who is ‘Homer’?
- Scholars through history have sought how the Homer poems fit into the larger stories
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