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Jacqueline Brunning

Jan 7, 2013 Scope: 750-350 BC - The origin of GK time keeping- rise of Philip II of Macedon Themes - Association o Polis formation o Cult association (Athena, Hera, Apollo..etc) o “colonies” and metropolies (polis)- connection to home cities o PanHellenism- all of GKs collectively sharing identity - Invovlements o Travel/trade (arhaic poets who travelled) o Archaic colonization o Links (ideas, intellectual, innovations, techonology) o Movement of ideas - Materials o Manifestation of Greekness o Polis and urban centers: how cities constructed cities ex. Athenes’ Agora, Acropolis o Materials of the political process: objects, artifacts, political practice - Geography o GK colonies at 600 BC LANGUAGES* connects the themes - Many dialects and scattered in GK speaking world with different dialects = distinct communities where they lived and moved Greek Dialects - Attic: in attica, a region in Athens - Ionic: 3 main groups (East- Gk western asia minor/hellespont) (Central- Halicarnasus- central island of agena the Cyclides) (West- Euboia) o Most common dialects in literature ex. Herodotus and Thuycides - Aeolic: lesbian- Sappho o Anatolain aeloic - Thessalian (western) in Thessaly - Boeotian/Balkan aeolic (north of Attica) - Doric: Rhodian, Cos/Calymina, Thera and Melos, Megarian, Argolic, Corinthian, Messanian, Laconic (Spartan Dialetc) ex. Lysistrata - Arcadia: Arcado, Cypriot (shares similarities) - North west Gk (north of Peloponnese): Phocian- phokis and Delphi, east/west locrain, Elean, Aetolian - Macedonians were related languages with the NW Greeks - Dialect groups were spread trough travels and colonies. Different groups spoken in southern Italy and sicily. Studying them were through inscription and written works - Earlier writing were Linear B, Syllabic scrip/clay tablets
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