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Jacqueline Brunning

Jan. 23, 2013 - Months followed the lunar calendars - Gk new year tended to fall in Vernal (first day of spring) Autum (fall) daylight equal night night hours - When earth was tilted away from north towards the sun - A natural point to start the year - These calendars were astronomical basis. - Used for political purposes as well o Political affaris needed organizing o City magistrates charged in keeping the calendar making sure orders, procedures ran correctly. o Some magistrates rotated in monthly basis o Other magistrates would come on a yearly basis. Thus, keeping the city running, they needed to make sure the time limits were accurate without over-running. o Trying to regulate political administrative affairs - Athenian New Year fell first month, the first appearance of new moon after summer solstice. - Mylsian year: boedromion. Months corresponded roughly the same years. - Mylsian calendar changed and put new year back on the top (look at the power point table) How keep track THE year - Eponymous officials Magistrates belonging to political communities giving their name to their year. Not numbered but years were named. If situations like kings for several years, it was the 4 year of ___. Ex. 5 year of Obama as president - as the years went back, differen officials in office, these were counted and counted back. Years were named not numbered* after autonomos (giving names). - Fornara 23 archon list. Fragment of original inscriptions. Before 425 BC. This was a list of all the autonomus archon stretching back to the 6 C. fragments were found in later contexts cattered in the Athenian agora suggesting that the inscription was set up in the agroa. Athenin archon in office from summer to summer. Ex. 446/5 (this is because archon year…was summer to summer) that’s why greek slashes were used as that purpose. o Fragment A mentions 3 names. o Solon entered 494 BC. Reformed Athenian state dealing with social problems. Plutarch tells that his immediate predecessor Philombrotos…gave 595/4. Little connection enabled quick fix date to the archon list. o Relating to the fragment is that the archon of 529/5 listed as Hyppias- same son as tyrant who was killed in 527 BC. We see that his son acquired archonship in the first year after his father died. next possible opportunity, he got one. He had a lot of guys follow him… not friendly… ex. Milietotes (opposing clan) . o Athenians believed archons line of direct succession straight back to the kings of Athens. Among other duties acted as top magistrates of the city. Early kings were decedents of the gods/goddesses. AUTOCHTHONOUS. Legs of snake…. Half earth gods and half animal. Come from anywhere else but sprang from the ground. Thus Ionians came from Athens because Athens came from no where else other than athnes. **kINGS came from the ground** was important. always been there thus, direct lines with no prodecessors. While published archon lists start at a certain point in the late 6 C, Athenians also had a list constructued for themselves back to 63. Archons operated on a annual basis. A 10 year cycle office. before were the kings- seat for life. - Fornara 26 about Athenians as well. Establishment of pan-atheniaic festival o Main greek method of keeping the track of past o Gone by since the life of notable figure and count the generation from it. o Explains when the panatheniaic festivals… long lists of father an dson going back to zeus and demi god- AJAX. (miletiatis…. All the way back to zues) later writer tells us that thuc was decendant of zeus) o Second passage was from different author. Instead of big complicated calculation, he simply says first person conduct festiale was son of hypiastus. In this case, author dispendse genealogy and straight back to original kings and push back chronology into mythical times. Ag
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