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Jacqueline Brunning

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CLA363 - March 18 2013 IONIA - they were fleeing from heraclidai or dorians on mainland greece - they had interactions with dif groups like anatolians and those farther east; development dif - ionians and carians intermarry and operate in same activities. Carian sites turned into ionians and they were friendly with each other - phrygians: loose connection of tribes and rose to prominence in post-hittite period (bronze-iron age). 8th century onwards in archeological evidence. midas from here= they had access to gold minds and in riverbeds (his legend, kind croesus, and golden fleece) - Cimmerians: greeks gave them this name and came in 7th cent and driving in by scythians north of black sea (driven south). They fought with phrygians and won. - They stuck around as a dangerous group: ionians complained they were harassing them - but never really settled - with the defeat of phrygians, way for a new king=lydians - lydians: 680 bc, gyges led to prominence and his dynasty= Mermnad. He was the one who was told to spy on the kings wife. - alyattes: built large fortress near gordium (capital of lydians) - croesus: managed to finish expansion of lydian kingdom. he got control of all polis except miletus. he built sardis up which was long used after he died and appreciated - connected with greeks on mainland too, not just asians. - astyages (?) - cyrus defeated croesus near ancyra and besieged sardis. now in persian empire of cyrus the great - persians had control with the use of satraps and these regions under his control satrapes - otanes and nobles helps darius (3rd king in persian empire) --> the one who sacked miletus (?) - otanes also conquered samos thanks to local assistance - good example of satrap: good political agenda for advancement and had a lot of power. They were like little kings rather than just governors, and had great influence. - sculptural relief with satraps with tributes for king (?) -yaunas: shown in persian style and not greek style of sculpture, even though thought greek made. therefore, its likely that ionians were brought to capital; able to adapt work and embrace (-persepolis fortification tablets: daily admin of empire) - FORNARA 32: -had a navy with archers against persians(?) -he said he was filled with brothels and corrupted citizens, and concerned with self- indulgence and led to ppl rebelling against him (polycretes?) - lesbos was added under otanes too - polis generally left to their own devices and often had tyranny. cyrus allowed them to have local autonomy but had to pay tribute and give up soldiers. this meant that satraps could help to steer. Greek polis tend to be oligarchic before cyrus took over-->lesbos and miletos (allowed to stay in power b.c. helped expand empire in west?) -ionian revolt: brought about by corrupt greek leaders who had allegiance to king -aristagoras was trying to expand by taking aegean islands for persians and thought that the king would let him have control -failed bc did not get big island of naxos. -to avoid punishment from the king he would
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