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Jacqueline Brunning

Mar. 20, 2013 Magna Graecia there was much more ongoing and less stories and interaction with western and agean greeks. to finish off archaci period before persian war, there was a late resurgence of spartan interest. Doreius (king of Alex ruled sparta… one of 2 king 560-520) he was the younger brother of the spartan king Cleomenes I (520-490). (slide)group of spartan in 515. they got to liya and carthginian resistance. couple of years.. in 510, doreius made another attemp to found a coln this time on sicily. herdotus relates how dorius got invovled between itlian cities. apparently, doruius arrived, ciberus sacked and citiens blaemed dorius blamed that he helped them attack. found colony at Heracleia, a city in the west. location in later sparta on sciitly. near west of the island. he says that dorius got invovled in politics or invovled in native sicils. second command survied who set up spartan encleave in mynoa. history of various tyrants.** distinguished between tyrants we see in agean existed earlier in the 7-6th C. they generally are earlier. ther eare many of sicilians. they often seen working together or working against each other. one of the earlier tyrnats on sicily was Cleadner at Gela* Sicilian Tyrant: at Gela Cleander 505-498 used backing of mercenary troop of the sicils. he ruled for short period and was assansintated and succeeded by his brother hippocrates Hippocrates 498-491/0 manage to subdue neighboring poleis. Also manage to intervene in Messana. city controlled the strights of messina. in this respect, with these key cities under his control, all of the eastern island except syracuse. tyrants of different polis become basiles. marfched and bullied local tyrants and leader to accept sovereingty/over lordship. he did go figthing against starting with 492. went on to besige magara and was killed and succeeed by 2nd in command Gelon. Gelon, 491-478 started as successor at hippocrates and was better. ruined syrcause. Gelon the Syracuse and ruled the beginnign of 5th C BC. his successs came at expense. firm grip over basil tyrants and also beat off carthaginians. gelon supported guy called theron tyrant of acragas. theron with gelons' oversight took control called himera. by diposing its tyrant tarilus. both polis in the west and felt pressure. carthagininan, Hamilcar, Gelon's rule: Theron of Acragas 489-473 vs. Terillus of Himera (allied with anaxilaus of rhegium) Carthaginians: hamilcar battle at Himera carhtaginians did have greek allies in sicily. but because greek busy fighting each other… >.< this victory which took place in himera gave tyrant and successors dominants in sicily and last most of 5th C BC. it was an important event and gks recognized as such. extra layer of herodotus… where herillus of himera in process also called tyrant of rhegium who allied with carthagininans. *politicla alighnmnets operating here) more than just a contest… control… alles over sea=== persians. the persians convinced carthagininan war in sicily to distract things going on over agean. it worked in terms of gelons' situation when he appealed to the agean greeks for help peace for 70 years. uniformed from south to north coast fornara describes the pythian ode. potetic interprestation of history of ephorus.. main theme: positive tyrants and gk freedom and victory in herodotus is the count of persian war. gks in agean initally apeal to gelon for help to lead fight against persians. he ended up saying no… sorry. just because represetnattive frommagna gracia…. werent part of great victory forming so much of the big narrative in pan-hellensim in the classiclaperiod, it doenst mean they didn’t ocnsider gks living in the west… to be part of their world. west of part of the gk world. gelon died farily soon after big victory at himera. considered by gk historians… one of the victory which mattered for all greeks. he died 478 and successed by his brother Hieron I of Syracuse 478-466 BC local polis control 'vassal tyrants' founded aetna at catana, under deinomenes rhegium, messina, pithekoussai battle at cumae 474 (fornara 64) royal court visitors; pindar, bacchylides, simonides, aeschylus… 472 vs. thrasydaeus of Acragas for leadership of sicily. handled poltiics at sicily… citizens of polis in democratic oppostion against the tyrants. thraysbulus ousted by democrats 466 many democrats part of hierons' reselttment program went back to syracuse. farming out trousblesome of syracuse… saw problems and get rid of trouble makers seeing their chance to set a democratic govenrment. great opportunity for their own ambitino but also bad period for their control in sicily…. all the polis, basially gave up their whole over the territories. allied to syracuse weere now gone. find an account in history where in this period where athenians began to pay attention to what was going on. really not terribly interesting in the west.. area where corithnians attacked. fall onto the radar. one important episode was the foundation of colony in 444 BC THURII sybaris vs. kroton 510 panhellenic colon hippodamos of miletos sybaris not all dead but no polis.. this left a gap along that stretch on the coastline. 444, institued a new colony. this was designe
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