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Jacqueline Brunning

Mar. 2, 2013 1st Triumvirate - Renewal 56 BC Theatre ( comedy, drama) Chariot race (circus Maximus) Wild-beast hunt Gladiatorial fights not colosseum LR 172.1.and 2 - Philosophical writings on duties - Re-enactments… sttged with gladiators and how do they make them fight?? - Religious connection… - Late republic…. When its growing.. not easy to find opposition later one at all. Political events… one or the other… problems with ordinary political structure machinary in Rome… orderly meeting… cant elect consul… nominated by senate… it comes down to when caesar goes over… senate decides to send succesors. What comes next? Charging for extortion . Whos fault was it? Mommsen (1800s) Rechts (rights) frage pomepy guilt caesar in the right. Should keep his safe face… -_- wtf. Expect pal to give leeway.. war did break out and has friends among tribunes among rome and they should be listen to… senate and pomepy didn’t pay attention.. Cesar had little experience solliders… pomepy had to leave rome from italy. LR 108 - Cicero seperated from his friends.. down to march… when war broke out jan 29. - Feb. 8-9… - Ceasar dominates in rome where his army contineus to fight and followers of pomepy.. - Major victories… 48 PHARSALOS in greece - 46 North Africa, TAPSUS - 45 Munda in Spain. - Expands a large part of the mideterranena. - One way war because Pomepians squeezed further back…. And don’t have victories. - Famous quote from ceasar.  I came I saw I conquered. Veni veidi vichi. o One of the Pontic wars…. - Northeast of asia minor… mithradatics…. Modern turkey… - Resistances… ceaar forces.. - How does he build up his possession. - Dictator** - Single out major thing he did… back in rome when pomey is dead… wars going on.. no good news for the pompeians. - He showed CLEMENCY forgave his enemies. - Rome had more than the share of the civil wars. - Reason why his reputation was high among the pal acting in late roman republic. - Facing the situation… LR110 - Another all that following all the way up to the mission.. - Issues point towards… - Poempey can go because I have to take it alll..circumspect. go out and see empty lots and abandon them. - Much wiser position - 193 calendar…. With leap eyars and so forth - Something saved state money.. postiion strong enough to affordi t.. state doesn’t have unilmited amount of funds. - Sea fight… smaller votes. If you ahd resorue and planning to build temple to mars. - Why build a temple of mars? If.. its jupiter… why mars? - Romulus descendent of mars… more than god of war…but he was jc’s ancestor. Because of the legend/myth.. He has many plans… and had lived on for 20-40 years… his plan might’ve accomplished. One does wonder… why did they have to kill him? CV - 49 dictator (11 days) but has to know dictarship is a limited short time - 48 consul for the 2nd time… (1st one in 59) - 47dictator (for second time in absence away in campagin) - 46 dictator for second time and consul for 3rd time - 45 dictator for third time consul for 4th time - 44 consul for fifth time (popular because he gets reeelcted every ear) and dictator for LIFE!! - This is his CV (resume) (statue image) tyran slayerS* 2 greek men who in 540 BCE, they killed tyran rulers and thus they were hereoes because atens democracy…. Copied… museum in naples… Superbus and tarquinius.. created the republic. Descedent.. renowned exeprience senators… influcne and good dded to kill a tyrant.slay tyrants to preserve the republic* conspiracy created and thus killed him. .. was it worth it? To kill C? Life of mark anthony. - Informative concerning octavian. 31 BCE octavina defeats fleet of cleopatra and mark anthony. 44 opened up in new chapter.. historians draw the line in 44 Liberators planed it well????* purpose… 15 years later… he has august the first emperor. Republic absolutely gone… this all didn’t work out very well at all… so much can happen…blame 36 BC. Seems that they were thinking ahed… and included their calcuation in cerious way the opposition. Mark anthony was a friend no a
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