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Jacqueline Brunning

Mar. 25, 2013 Girls, Women and Sports Greeks had medical view for construction for male identity…. They had one for female identity as well. Female Physiology: difference between men and women, bare children. Men hot and dry or balance of moist and dry, women were moisture then men… women ill in damp climate.. female body described as being spongy in subsance - Moist o Spongy, like wool. Wool soaked with lots of moisture. Women contain mostiure in the body and became too hard pack. Spongy wool like became too packed and there wasn’t enough moisture…natrual philosopher.. because women menstruate and excess of blood, they are hotter than men. But because they lose blood, they are cooler? - Hot or cool? o The womb= an oven  aristotle and galen.. medival medicine and concept of body… women are mosit and cool Regardless, women is imaged to be hot. To bake unborn child. A joking metaphor for us, it was relaity for them. The social implication of this view of women’s bodies? Plato has few things to say about women and role in society. He is unusal and starting with plato, his writing contrasts with the norms accepted by most people. Social implication? Plato tho ypes of human beings and types of human beings.. physiological and immoral, some of the nature being better than others, everyone had a part to play. Chief cause of goodness is in principal emboided… (slide) contribute to exceelence of the state.. own task. The task of womne as plato saw it… women like men take up leadership in his republic. In order to take up leadership, women needed to be educated just like men. Female guardian (plato’s republic slide)… ridiculed… exercise alongside of men. Indicates to us that plato recognize idea of women exercise is paradox. Doenst make sense.. plato not advocating emancipation of women… he didn’t want emancipation in women… reason he wanted women to be equal participants is because republic was a organizsm.. canging family structure and social structure about an ideal state. You hcange of role of women… creating new role of women in his state. But recognized this is strange and paradoxical to the greek norms. Plato (slide cont’d) each existsnce, bringign godo to the tate, you have to take private interests… nomarriage and no family… children rase communally..and adult bare children with whomever thes ewomen common to all men and non cohabit privately… children common and no parents know the child of the parent* provke more distrust to the possibiltiy and utility. There is no debate and denial of community… greatest good.. if its possible. This is not free love.. he is trying to say. We said how he advocated warfare training.. it’s a regulated and strict statebut abolihement of family structure was condition that made women exercise in sprots possible. Before getting to spartan, greek norms in general, Greek norms emphasized: - Family structure center of society, formed and based on family and clan. Within family and domestic life, there were specific gender roles. Expectation of free man was that he would work in agriculture and business doing it himself or over a slave. Women part of econoimc effor itn the household. If family was poor, women worked alongside. This is common with a lot of most of living in the world today.. everyone contributes to keep the family going. Women thus work alongside. If greek family slightly better off, women worked in more specialized occupation. The occuptation of women in all status was the handling of secondary stage of produciton. Raw materials to commodty* textile production** while husbands- brother-father--- all out in the field, once wool collected, women andled production and textile into cloth. Herodotus gives clue to egtptian and gender occupation (slide). Draws attention to contrast indicates mprotance of women working at textile production in the greek household. This duty of working cloth and wool is attirbted to archaic period and classical period. Imagery onwards… weaving testile for his retunr… poet hesiod descirbes gods creating first women (works and day) (slide). Analogy for womb… gave birth to all evil who came to humanity. Punishment.. women producing children in it of itself is evil to humanity. In order to men accept pandora, gods make her look nice and skills and attribtes making her fit into huamn society. Hephaestus makes her… (immobile) not functioning being yet. And told her Athena makes her… and aphrodites gave her physical atttribtes…. There are many vase painting (slid,e) women doing work. Women with finished cloth… women spinning. Spindal in the bottom of strand pulling… fibers of wool and stretches them out. Bundle of wool held up high. Another women is winding raw wool~~~ we have women working a lume.. these mterials of loom working and textile materials in the domestic setting and spindles. Arahceological trackwomen around different commnities. Hole poke through the yarn and treated like heirlooms. Passed down geneartions. And able to track loomweights around communities. It was done communally or women beloningg to household.. wealthier women and servants helping out. - Women’s work Greek men who wrote these stuff about women, egnerally viewsd women work to be indoor. Men outside and women inside working with cloth. Aristotle had to say about women Not positive because not trying to create radical state but catalogue of exitsnece as it was (slide) talks about women being softer and morally impulsive misheicvious and attaineted to taking care of children. Women being more cunning than men, emotional, prone to melancholoy. Moisture cold nature (mood more depressed) less bracve and eats less. Free rules of slave and male rules fmeale… (slid,e)not only do men women chidlren have different boyies but also the souls* in greek world, its less clairifed. Men more brave than women.. chattering and hosuehold fnction of men and women is different. Men get women keep*** Xen had to talk about women… relfect of greek norms. Stay in household. Home required for bearing chidren making cothing from wool. Since indoor and outdoor requires… geneders accordingly. Men go outside because soul better endures cold and the outside.. workign in military where women… cold moist boyd need suitable indorr taking children and making cloth. In moral sense, women better equip in soul and morality to defend and work inside and guard what's inside the house. This is a great summary of major thinking of womne’s nature an role in greek soceity. BUT these views were not too fixed possible for plato’s phiosophy to extist. Important thing to note, part of radical notion of women aking responsibility. Engage in activities belong to other men. Psorts and gymnasium. As mentioned, there is one society quiet different in others respect of family strucutre and women. This different gave room in society be more invovled in athelteics. Good evidence of women political authority and public activites (choral and ritual performances) this is of course sparta Spartan women Xen (slid,e) spartans basing their didea of best soceity of law like lycurgus thought idfferently. Lycrugus saw having slave population gave enough workers textile industyr. They had slaves todo that for them. Since helts excisted free up spartan men, likewise, freeup spartan women to train for other htings. Spartan women did *physical …. And children. Keep quiet and to wool work… women brought up with childrne… lycurgus of labor of slave women was to supply clothing. Believed motherhood was improtnact functio nof freeborn women* he insisted in physical training no less than male… moreover graces and tirl of strength as men. Believing both parents vigorous offspring. Worht noting that while spartan enocurage women to exercise… also open to alternatve structure… more vigorous children. A practice among spartan…. Other men’s wife.. if thought it gives better children. A rather differetn understanding of family strcurue and materinity. Itsno t far as plato’s republic that abolishing marriage al otghete but notion that spartan man… perhaps younger and stronger… he might encourage sleep with that men in order to produce stronger children. Older husband… encourage to sleep with younger man… -_- Xen was pro-spartan athenian. 4th C but eariler during 5th C, athenians used behaviour of spartan women as part of anti-spartan propaganda.. steoretpying and in order to do this they focused on atheletic of spartan women Euripides (slide) picking up on this idea that sparan girls not only exercise themselves but challenged the boys to races and wreslting and dress was not terribly modest normal greek conception and sometimes compeltely nude (slide) group of older women talking to lycurus. Spartan women more authority in the social strucutre and collabotaitng with lycurgus. The intention of non-spartan women was generally on the fact women strips down while doing sports. Ani-spartan slogan picks up on female nudity as imodesty.* visual eience and lack of costume in their contest… most comes as little bronze statue (in olympia dedicated in the heria festival) (slide) depict young girl in nude… and depict older girls.. they have short dress enabling them to run. Generally covered one of the brest and exposed right breast. Porbable got plato idea women exercise in sparta. He comments on the beauty of ahtletes. Attractive of naked ahtneltes… Plato adres question of beauty in female atheltes (slide) akward and entertainiing… beautyf and atrractivness was connntected with spots.and participants were not attractive young men… but clue jhere that old men comepted and exercised as gym .. but not ugyl (th
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