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Johnathon Burgess

Week2 Reading Notes AMW 36-44 The Aegean - Two distinct civilization arose in the Bronze Age o Minoan (King Minos of Knossos) o Mycenaean (King Agamemnon of Mycenae)  One of the best-preserved and most impressive Bronze Age sites - The Bronze Age was an age of heroic kings and warriors who were taller, stronger, better-looking, and wealthier than the men of their own times o Stories of Bronze Age heroes formed the content of Greek mythology Minoan Civilization - Who discovered it: sir Arthur Evans (British archaeologist) in 1899 - The Minoans remain mysterious due to its unreadable writing system o Writing seems not important in Minoan and Mycenaean civilization compare to ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia - Timeline o 7000 B.C The Minoans arrived on Crete o 3500 B.C The population of the island increased dramatically o 2000 B.C The Minoans began to build complex strictures called “palaces”  Writing appears for the first time  Population of twelve thousand o 1700 B.C All early palaces were destroyed (by earthquake perhaps) - The palaces served a wide range of function o Large number of storage rooms indicates that they collected and redistributed products form the surrounding countryside - Nature-cults, especially sanctuaries on mountain peaks, were prominent in early Minoan religion o After 1700 B.C the focus of religious ritual shifted to the palaces -> the palaces functioned as a cult-center or even as a temple o Bull horns and double-headed axes as religious symbols - Minoans traded widely by sea - 1470 B.C many Minoan sites were destroyed by fire o New script: Linear B o Possible cause: invasion of Mycenaean Greeks (conquered Crete) o 1250-1200 B.C the final destruction of Knossos palace Mycenaean Civilization: The First Greeks - Mycenaean (1700-1100 B.C) - Who discovered it: Heinrich Schliemann (German archaeologist) in 1870s
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