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Ephraim Lytle

CLA160H1S WEEK 1 PREHISTORIC GREECE Required Reading Nagle AW pp 6778Geography and HistoryMost of Greeces contacts are with Middle East or Mediterranean landsGreeks also considered EuropeanBALKANSo Just a peninsula extending into the Mediterraneano Has contact with Eurasia through Black SeaAristotle the Hellenic people occupy an intermediate geographical positionPlato We sit like frogs around a pond o PondAegean Sea no part of mainland Greece is more than 35 miles from the SeaGreece is a land of diversityPatterns of fragmentation that is reflected in Greek politics and historyDiasporic Greeks o Colonies found throughout Mediterranean and Black Sea regions o Greek citystates reached more than 1500Due to the diversity Greece never became a unified state o Greeks shared common language some common cultural practices but remained citizens of particular citiesEg Athenian citizens and Corinthian citizenso No national identity or citizenship The Origins of Greek CultureEarliest periods are a blend of European War traditions and of influences from Western Asia and EgyptMaterial culture emphasizing military display was used to display wealthNo cities temples palaces along Mesopotamian or Egyptian lines o No political hierarchies or bureaucracies attempted to regulate lifeChiefdom type of society in which the person in authority maintained himself by his ability to acquire and redistribute prestige goods to his followers o Chiefs possessed prestige goods as a proof and guaranteedoled out gifts to followers as away of building their own power o Chiefs presided over small territorial kingdomspent time hunting and in athletics idleness and feasting o Famous chiefs were buried with prestige personal artifactslarge burial mounds religious assembly areasGreece benefitted from being on the fringe of two worlds o No onetime transference of technologyGreeks picking and choosingAvoided political domination but enjoyed rich cultural and commercial interchange
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