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Claesson Welsh

Chapter 7Poseidon sea deities group divinities and monsters Poseidon best known as the great god of waters in general and of the sea in particular was not the first of such divinityPontus the sea was produced by Ge in the initial stages of creation and two of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys bore thousands of children the OceanidsIn addition Pontus mated with his mother Ge and begat Nereus who was gentle wise and old man of the sea with the gift of prophecyNereus in turn united with Doris an oceanid who bore him 50 daughters the Nereids three of them being Thetis Galatea and AmphitritePeleus and ThetisWhen Zeus refused to marry Thetis because she was destined to bear a son mightier than his father she married a mortal man Peleus and gave birth to AchillesAcis Galatea and PolyphemusGalatea another Nereid was loved by the Cyclops Polyphemus a son of PoseidonRepelled by him she loved Acis the son of Faunus and a sea nymph Symaethis daughter of river God SymaethusPolyphemus would sing about her beaity then lament her rejection of him and continue with an offer of many rustic giftsPoseidon and AmphitriteThe third Nereid Amphitrite is important mainly as the wife PoseidonPoseidon has a weakness for women and Amphitrite is angry and vengefulThey had a son Triton
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