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Chapter 4 The Rise of ZeusthHesiodcosmogony and Theogony same Theogony elaborate hymn to Zeus 8 centChildren of ChaosChaos gap yawn chasmopening from which other primordial beings cameGaeamother earthTartarusconfused in greek myth with Hades abode Hesiod personifiesEros sexual loveoHesiod tried to delinate spaceOlympus Top Gae middle Tartarus bottomoNot clear whether four separate or all came from Chaos NE said single originChildren of GaeaTitansoUranus asexually and Mountains then PontusoWith Uranussix malesix femaleCronus last bornUranus same size as Gaea covered her completely permanent sexual embraceCronus says ew what a lechoOceanus and Tethys notablein Homer gave birth to all the gods parallel to HesiodoCronus and Rhea parentsgradnaprents of OlympiansCyclopes HecatonchiresoThree Cyclopes three hecatonchires hundred handersoHesiods Cyclopes unlike polyphemus son of poseiden were strong metallurgiststhunderpoltsBrontes thunderer Steropes flasher Arges BrighteneroHecatonchires hundred arms fifty heads strongHyperions Children Sun Moon DawnoTitan Hyperion is sungod father to Helius sungod Selene moon Eos dawn oHomeric Hymn to Herliusjourney of HeliusoOvidPhaethon son of HeliusMother married to king of Ethiopia begged mother asked drive chariotLost control of chariot Liya scorched Ethiopians turned black fell into EridanusoSelenefell in love with shepherd Endymion seduced fifty daughters permanent sleep so never gorw oldoEosloved Tithonus immortal forgot never age closed up in room Cronus against UranusUranus kept children hidden Gaea gave sickle Cronus castratedCronus broke away the SkyoProvisional separation of elements proper configuration Sky above Earth beneath Tartarus attached Oceanus aroundoPermanent separation by high cost of son against fatherGaea absorbed dropsErinyes Furies shreds kindred blood madness kins bloodones ownGiants earthborn ones strength violenceMelian NymphsBirth of Aphrodite Monsters Sea DeitiesSea foamsemen of CronusAphrodite destructive power of sexual attractionGaea and PontusoNereids including Thetis AchillesoGrandchildrenHarpiesoGraeae Gorgons incl MedusaPoseidonPegasusoCerebrus Chimera SphinxMonsterthat at which you point in surpriseoMixture animalhuman via EgyptianMesoptamian art also reduplicating parts NEGreeks modifiedEgyptians souls of deads humanheaded birdsharpiesSphinx made female added wings name meant strangler plague spirit besieged thebesGorgons womans bodywings snakes boars tusksGeryonthree bodies versus HeraclesOrthus two headsEchidnaserpentwomanCereberusfifty headedHydraseven headed serpentChimeralion with snakes tailgoats headoAlso shapes from naturalpowersCetoenormous fish Graeagray ones hags Nemean lionordinary lion Nereusold man of sea prophetic could be fireleopardserpenttreeZeus Against CronusCronus and Rhea Children Hestia Demeter Hera Hades Poseidon ZeusoGaea and Uranus said go to Crete to have childoZeus brought up y nymphscries drowned by Corybantes Curetes gave stoneoMetis gave Zeus emetic to give to Cronusreverse orderstone OMPHALOS navelPriests poured oil unspun woo decorated it in festivalsoTitans resented rule Titanomaachy
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