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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Daniel James

CLA204The Development of Classical Myth Chapter Three Pages 51 76 th September 16 2009INTRODUCTIONy Ways to study myth comparative material archaeological and linguisticy Scholars view Greek culture as an offshoot of Mesopotamian culture rather than being independentBEGINNING OF GREEK MYTHy This figure is called Catal Huyuk y It was made in south central Turkey oldest agricultural community in the world y It depicts a women giving birth y The babys head is visible and there are two leopards on either side of her arms y Made in 65005700 BC 16 inches highy This figure is a European figurine from the Aegean island Cycladesrdy Carved from local marble in 3 millennium BC y Sharp lines and a triangle shape around pubic area y Stands at 5 feet tall y Both figurines are similar we come to the conclusion that both had magical powers y Somehow these figurines enhanced fertility which is an issue in any societythy the figurine below 6 century BC is called Potnia therony It translates to lady of the beasts Artemis role was to promote abundance of game y In the picture there is a stag and a panther y Wings indicate her divinity
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