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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 summary

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Daniel James

CHAPTER 4 MYTHS OF CREATION The Rise of Zeusy Hesiod tells of the origin of the universe through succeeding generations of godsCOSMOGONY a story that explains the origin of the world THEOGONY a story that explains the origin of the gods and their rise to powery To explain Zeuss supremacy in the world Hesiod must go back to the beginning of all things to the generations of Chaos chasm Gaea Earth and Uranus SkyTHE CHILDREN OF CHAOSy First came Chaos and some understand it as the opening from which the other primordial beings arose y After Chaos came Gaea the personification of the earth beneath us y Tartarus is often confused in Greek Myth with the abode of Hades but is personified by Hesiod as the primordial creature that Gaea has offspring with y Eros also appears after Chaos the source of motion that brings sexual beings together to produce still more offspringy Hesiod also believes that Erebus darkness and Nyx night came from ChaosTHE CHILDREN OF GAEA THE TITANS AND THEIR COUSINSy Cyclopes and Hecatonchires had important roles to play in the worlds early daysTHE TITANSy Gaea first bore asexually Uranus y Then she bore her watery doublet Pontus y In sexual union with her son Uranus Gaea produced the six male and six female Titans a word of unknown meaning y Cronus who will contend with Uranus for power is named as the last born y Two notable Titans are the watery male Oceanus and female Tethys o Gave birth to all the gods o Oceanus is a river that encircles the world where the domes of the sky touches the flat surface of the earth y Phoebe brilliant must have something to do with the lights in the sky and Themis law refers to the earth that which is fixed and settled y Themis will bear the children to Zeus as well Mnemosyne memory y Cronus and Rhea doublets for Uranus and Gaea are parents or grandparents of the twelve Olympians including Zeus the king of gods
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