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Names and words

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A Keith

I GreekLatin Words and Their Meanings1 athos contest labour 2 Bios life livelihood wealththrough labour 3 boopis coweyed 4 Cosmogony birth of the world a genealogy of nature 5 Cosmos Universe 6 Deus god 7 Dike justice 8 Eudia fair weather 9 Genos people or race 10 Hubris violence 11 Logos account 12 Mthos authoritative speech word speech or tale the story or plot or a narrative 13 noos mind 14 Pithos jar vessel used for food storage 15 Polis City state or city 16 Theodicydivine justice 17 Theogony birth of the gods a genealogy of deities 18 Titanomachy war of the Titans 19 Aither air 20 HemeradayII Epic Epithet 1 Zeus cloudgathering 2 Poseidon darkhaired 3 Hera whitearmed and coweyed 4 Aphrodite Golden 5 Apollo silver bow 6 Hermes 7 Dionysus 8 Demeter 9 Hephaistos 10 Ares notes Homer and Hesiod gave the genealogy of the gods and their epithetsIII Names in specific Groups 1 Muses remembers y mother of Muses Mnemosyne Memory y Muses of Helicon
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