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Greek Geography, History, Bronze & Dark Ages, Zeus, Gaea, Titans

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A Keith

THE CULTURAL CONTEXT OF CLASSICAL MYTHMyths reflect the society that produces them In turn they determine the nature of that society Cannot be separated from the physical social and spirited worlds in which a people live or from a peoples history Greek GeographyGreece poor country barren and dry Supports 11 million people Greatest natural resource was the seaAegean Sea between the Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor Greeks lived near the sea and took its fish for diet Sea was the avenue of communication with the world beyond the mountains that enclosed the isolated Greek communities Islands scattered all overCyclades circle islands placed in a rough circle around the tiny central island of Delos scared to Apollo and Artemis Sporades scattered islands extend along coast of Ionia western coast of Asia MinorPaucity of cultivable land and natural resources led Greeks to trade with other nations Mastery of sea allowed them to transport goods to and from foreign lands Later on established colonies across the seaspiritGeography of Balkan Peninsula influenced both history and myths of Greeks Extremely mountainous terrain discouraged communication by land and favored political independence Greek HistoryGreece occupied even in Paleolithic Old Stone Age before 7000 BCFrom Neolithic New Stone Age 60003000 BC survive foundation stones of houses pottery stone tools and graves People lived in settled communities and practiced a rudimentary agricultureEarlyMiddle Bronze Age30001600 BCLate Bronze Age Mycenaean Age1600800 BCDark Age 1150800 BCArchaic Period800480 BCClassical Period 480323 BCHellenistic Period 32330 BCDates associated with the appearance of civilization c 3000 BC ascendancy of mainland Greeks c 1600 BC sack of cities and the international disruption of trade c 1150 BC invention of Greek alphabet principal technology of modern western civilization The EarlyMiddle Bronze Age 30001600 BC The Origin of the Greeks
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