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Notes on Readings for Sept 11, 2012

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Regina Höschele

CLA219: Women inAntiquity Homeric Hymn to Demeter • Zeus sends the flower narcissus to bait the daughter of Demeter in order to aid Hades capture of her • He stole her, and she was unwilling • She cries out to her father but he is busy at his temple receiving offerings • Only Hecate and Hyperion hear her • Demeter sped like eagle - eagle is zeus symbol - is this important? • Hecate on the tenth day sought out Demeter and told of her daughters abduction but confesses not to know who it was that stole her • Together they go to Helios • Demeter calls her daughter an “off-shoot”.Aetiological? • Helios blames Zeus but consoles Demeter calling Hades a worthy son-in-law and already her blood. That it is his lot by the three way division (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades) to rule the underworld • Helios horses are wide-winged as eagles • Demeter disguises herself, daughters of Celeos (Callidice, Cleisidice, Demo, Callithoe) draw wa- ter at the well where she sits • They ask why she, an old woman, is not conforming as others of her age do. They encourage her to seek the proper path • Demeter (“Deso”) does not partake of the meal of her captors, and instead flees • Demeter asks where she may be of service as befits her age and status as woman • Callidice calls “Deso” god-like and says no one would shun her from service. She offerse her a place with her father Celeos Demeter stands in the threshold, and the doorway is filled with radiance • • Iambe fetches her a stool for “Deso” will not sit on the luxurious chair of Meteneira. She also makes the sad goddess laugh • Demeter refuses wine and asks for water blended with barely meal
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