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Regina Höschele

CLA219: Women inAntiquity Readings from Course Materials Sept 11 - Oct 09 Readings for Sept 11, 2012 Homeric Hymn to Demeter Zeus sends the flower narcissus to bait the daughter of Demeter in order to aid Hades capture of her He stole her, and she was unwilling She cries out to her father but he is busy at his temple receiving offerings Only Hecate and Hyperion hear her Demeter sped like eagle - eagle is zeus symbol - is this important? Hecate on the tenth day sought out Demeter and told of her daughters abduction but confesses not to know who it was that stole her Together they go to Helios Demeter calls her daughter an off-shoot.Aetiological? Helios blames Zeus but consoles Demeter calling Hades a worthy son-in-law and already her blood. That it is his lot by the three way division (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades) to rule the underworld Helios horses are wide-winged as eagles Demeter disguises herself, daughters of Celeos (Callidice, Cleisidice, Demo, Callithoe) draw wa- ter at the well where she sits They ask why she, an old woman, is not conforming as others of her age do. They encourage her to seek the proper path Demeter (Deso) does not partake of the meal of her captors, and instead flees Demeter asks where she may be of service as befits her age and status as woman Callidice calls Deso god-like and says no one would shun her from service. She offerse her a place with her father Celeos Demeter stands in the threshold, and the doorway is filled with radiance Iambe fetches her a stool for Deso will not sit on the luxurious chair of Meteneira. She also makes the sad goddess laugh Demeter refuses wine and asks for water blended with barely meal and pennyroyal She becomes nurse to Demophoon Daily she anointed the boy with ambrosia as if he were god-born. He at neither food not suckled at the breast of his mother. By night she put him over the fire. She would have made him free of old age and immortal but his mother shrieked in her fear when she spied Demeter She declares herself in anger and says in punishment Demophoon will not be immolate and all sons of Eleusis will be at war with one another She demands a temple built and that she will teach her rights to the family of Cellos In her yearning for her daughter she abstained from nourishing the earth She would have killed the race of men with her famine but Zeus took heed First he sends Iris to entreat her but Demeter is unmoved. Zeus then sends one after another She refuses to return to her position until her daughter is returned to her and Zeus sends Hermes to entreat Hades Her refusal to nourish the ground means that the gods are not given sacrifices He allows her to leave, but gives her a pomegranate to eat. CLA219: Women inAntiquity Readings from Course Materials Sept 11 - Oct 09 Demeter asks her daughter if she ate in the underworld, saying that if she did not she is freee of Hades and may dwell on Olympus with her mother. If she has eaten she must live there a third of each year and spend the other two seasons with her mother Aetiological of the seasons - when perseophone leaves the underworld the seasons change and the earth is nourished (her mothers grief ends) Demeter teaches her hold order of service to Triptolemos, Polyxenos, Diocese and Celeos (all of the high-ranking men of Eleusis) Iliad 14.152-360 Hera considers how to trick Zeus during the war She decides to make herself irresistible, does so by borrowing girdle ofAphrodite, so hell get distracted and sleep with her and then drift asleep Aphrodite helps the Trojans while Hera helps the Greeks She doesnt know Heras plan is to help the Greeks, thinks it is merely a love-matter Entreats Sleep to cast upon Zeus a deep sleep after they have sex. She offers him a gold throne and he refuses, for fear of Zeusanger She then offers her one of the younger Graces in marriage and then he agreed When Zeus saw her he was at once full of desire, just as when they first were together Lying she said Im going to visit Styx, and our mother to dissolve their discord He says she can do that later, he wants to sleep with her first He proceeds to list all the affairs hes had and how we wants her so much more ...charming She voices concern that theyll be seen He says hell gather a cloud about them This is part of her plan because he wont see the Greeks winning Not even Helios will see them He who sawAphrodite andAres together While he sleeps Poseidon finds a way to help the Greeks Song ofAres andAphrodite (Odyssey 8.266-369) Helios, who sees everything, observed them and at once told Hephaestus Hephaestus forged an invisible net no one could break or loosen and made a snare forAres in his marriage bed He said he was going off traveling andAres took the opportunity to takeAphrodite to bed The net fell on them and they realized they couldt get out Hephaestus came back and called all the gods to witness the shame (ofAphrodite andAres) First he confesses her scorn for him and lust after beautifulAres He blames his parents for his deformed birth He asks Zeus for the gifts he gave him for his daughters hand (a reverse of a dowry, I sup- pose) Calls her a lovely daughter, but a sex-crazed wife Women are lustful creatures and never satisfied All the male gods were there, but the females stayed home, ashamed Home, oikos, the place of the womanCLA219: Women inAntiquity Readings from Course Materials Sept 11 - Oct 09 Shame forAphrodites actions, and the inappropriateness of the scene which as distinguished women they should not be privy to The gods laugh and decree thatAres should pay a fine for his adultery Apollo asks of hermes if he would lie withAphrodite if a net tied him down, to which Hermes responds I wish there were three times as many nets impossible to break, and all you gods were looking on, if I could like down there, alongside goldenAphrodite. The gods laugh at this, all except poseidon who asked Hephaestus to setAres loose Ovid, Metamorphoses Book III:138-164Actaeon returns from the hunt Actaeon suffered not because of his wickedness but fault of chance - what wickedness is there in error? Sends the men off Enters a sacred valley (grove?) of Diana Comes upon her as she is bathing Ovid, Metamorphoses Book III:165-205Actaeon sees Diana naked and is turned into a stag. She gathered water in her hand and flung at him She is enraged because he has seen her naked, and, can tell others of having seen her so She changed him i
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