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Michel Cottier

1Chapters 12 GeographyHistoryththLatium Campania Etruria growth of wealthy social elites urban centers in 78 centoGreeks colonization south ItalySicilyoPhoenicians Etruria rich in metals lead zinc copper silver tin iron ore on ElbaFertile plains Etruria Latium Campania with good watersNavigable rivers Po Tiber Arno Liris VolutrnusApennine Mountains cut through Italy but not barrier to unity easy passesRome Centrally located on west coastoTiber River has bend curved shore ideal landingSandbars prevent large warshipsBridehead near mouth of Tiberaccess to Etruria and LatiumCampaniaCoast into central italy via TiberControl over salt seaoSeven hills defensible close to each otherfusionIndoEuropeans Early bronze age in northern italy 1300BC Linguistic Black and Capsian seaPeoples1Ligurians Northwest of Rome NonIE seafaring2Etruscans West south NonIE alhapbet borrowed3Veneti Northeast Metalworkers horsebreeders merchants4Gaul North Po ValleyCisalpine Gaul Overwhelmed earlier Etruscans5Latin WestFoothillsplain for herdingcultivating grain forests Alba Longa Lavinium Rome Tusculum6UmbroSabellians NE E SE Umbrians Sabines Smanites Pastorlaists peasant farmers need more landth7Greek Since 9 cent southern Trading centersPhoeniciansSemtic language CanaanitesAlphabet 22 borrowed by greeks 750Timber cypress Iron salted fish murex rawluxryorientalizing periodoPeople from Tyre settled early in area Forum BoariumImpregnable dominate other Pohneician cities control metalslavesAssyiran empire failOutposts Carthage 750 NAoFertile hinterland harbors well protected block comepttitorsoTook control of western colonies primary comeptitorGreeksEuboeans established trading post at Al Mina then PithacuseoCopper landoPithecusans established Naples CumaeCumae gods alphabetSibyl of CumaeSibylline books730 Greeks colonize NES of SicilyPhoenicians to west720 Greek colonies SItaly Magna GraeciaEtruscanRasenna Herodotus Lydians Dionysius of Halicarnassus nativeetruscan religionoZeus Minerva Hera AthenaMinervaoDisciplina Etrusca hepatoscopy liver omen birdsoFederation of twelve cities possibly for religthth65 republics with aristo and magistrates annually elected landowning powerfulNaturalism extreme violence realism more archaic not classismHieron I of Syracuse defeatfail Gauls Samnites RomansChapters 3456rdndSources Annalsitsantiquarians of 32 century oral traditions family Etruscan collaborate Latium literateststAuthors of 1 cent BC1 cent AD1Cicero De Re Publica2Livy Ab Urbe Condita 1423Dionysius of Halicarnassus during Augustus Roman Antiquities4Diodorus of Sicily world history
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