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Michel Cottier

1Chapter 10 and 11 Roman Life 264133 Overseas expansionstoGrowth of slavery overestimatedcoloni not latifundia 1 centrdndAlready slaves3 census class had one slave by 2 PunicSenate demanded ach of class supply one as roweroLarge tracts public land acquired by punishing Hannibal proGrowht of estates in stockraising but small farmers tooDistributions ceased cos hard to find new settlers growing cities insteadoDifficult finding assidui enough property to be in legionsProperty requirement lowered progressively maybeDrafted young unmarried men 17mid20ssurplus rural laborFam did not need to grow foodpaysubdivisionsExp married soldiers stationd as triarii near rearBootystable silver bronze coinage paid to soldiers in circulationoPunic Warscollapse new system asOverseas marketsexporting wine import of grain suppliesbigger cities less grain concentrateCompaniessocii partners offered shares partes to publicoBid to censors for right to farmcarry project oHighest bidder won profit diff between paidactual yieldoWork to slaves supervised by hired manageroRidiculous loans to cities high rates whole kingdoms indebted put in estatesvillasItalian alliesoSmaller amounts of bootyoIndemnitestribute went to romeoHarsher discipline on soldiersoDemanded accommodationentertainmentinterferedBacchic trailsexec in sItalySlavesoFormer soldiers slave revolts cruxifiction slave market of Delos mines of Luairum PergamumoSlave revolt in Sicily under Syrian Eunuspersuaded was king of SyriansoFreedompeculium certain numer of children faithful docile tombcare votingoAppius Claudisu Caecus tried to strength clientele by enrolling freedmen and other sin tribecensors one urbanClassesoPlebs came to mean small farmersurban pooroTabernaeflimy buildings insulaemultistoriedoSenatorial order nobiles tried to monopolized consulshipoEquestrian property qualified and in centuriesSenators enrolled relatives in equestrian sometimesPublicani o fot equestrian or peropty senators illegallyConflicts with senate extort help peopleJurors senators alwaysoLex ClaudiaQ ClaudiusC Flaminiusforbid senators in largeseas overseas commerce pub contractsWomenoLex Oppiahow much exp repealed despite CatooWealth as widows limit female inheritance law not powerfuloManus rare sometimes no superivisonoWarmore rel importance vestal virginsoCybele Great Mother from AM brought womenoSlavesgirls more edu Hellnistic GreekCornelia daughter of S Africanus mother of GracchiPolitical Proroguing with promagistracies More praetorsoP C S Africanus got proconsular though young no office popularity raise fundsndoT Quin Flaminius made proprietorconsul 2 Mac WaroLex Villia Annalis minimum ages set minimum interval between one and another forbid reelection to consulshiprdstndReaction to M Claudius Marcellus 3 consulship without 10 year int between 1 and 2Scipio Aemilianus got consul Carthage not senate assigned again consul cos NumantiaoSecret bgallots death penalthy of briberyQaestio PerpetuaoFailure to bring Servisu Sulpicius Galba for crimes in SpainoL Capurnius Piso established courtoProvincials bring charges sue restitution but money bribeoPoliticizedloss of citizenship and exileArchitecture Greek inf comitium public assembly basilica atrium house improvedWriting Adapt Greek forms distinctly Roman themes ideas patriotic etcoLivisu Andronicus Greek enslaved Tarentum teacher Latin adapt of Odyssey actorwriterstoNaevius Roman history 1 Punic Warlegends critical comments about contempndoEnnius Slave trilingual S Africanus patron Euripides infl 2 punic waroLucilius Satire frined S AfricanusoPlautusTerrence comedians P native comic Italy traditions T Hellenism intellectual GNewCom2Prose historians annalists yearbyyear senators first known Greek because language more advanced elite counteract G histoPolybius Greek hostage after Pydna for Gr audience home rome dominate world prgamtic historyoCato the Elder Adopt what in Greek culture first history in Latin rogines first to publish own speechesRhetoric oCato speeches Greek masters HEllnizers S Aemilianus and Gaius LaeliusPhilosophyoAthenians sent embassy Critolaus Peripatetic Diogenes Stoic Carnaedes Sketpic from Platonic AcademyoSkeptic sys probability best aspects absolute dogmas bad proven by arguing bothoStocisim duty authority Panaetius of Rhodes friend of S AemilianusLaelius tutor of GracchusoEpicureanism not pop till after 100BC no divine punishments pleasure senate banishedLaw civil procedure crimoJruiconsults Sextus CatusTwelve Tables lawsuits formauleoLegio actioplantiff and defended before praetorBasis for suit then mutual appoint judgeOnly five legis actiones writing accoindg to formualeoInformal trial before accused paterfamiliasSp minor magistrates with srs crimesslaveslowerborn mostlySenate could have special comissionsoPraetorian courtsmajor crimesFirst permanent extortion court of PisoFifty senators by lot winner prosecute and enforce selfReligionoDionysus regulated in S Italy Greeksconspiracy more than 5 people without praetor permissionRestrict Cybele Attis despite official sponroship deied Roman citizens right to aprticipateoMore festivals dramatic gladiatorial priests etcaediles organizepopularity oHellenistic Euhemerus extraorindary human beings come t be worshippedEducation Slaves as tutors 15 friend training 17 military inculcate mos majorum grammar schoolsChapter 12 Gracchi and Reforms 133121 Grain shortages harder to raise armies inheritances smaller prop requirement no registrationoScipio Aemilanus only allowed volunteers because levy stripof manpoweroGaius Lealius law to restore LicinoSextiann limited 500 jugera had to withdrawTiberius GracchusBeofre concilium plebis agriarian billlarge estate landlessrestore military power proboAppius Cluaidus Pulcher and P Licinius CrassusP Mucius ScaevolaoRepaid with amounts no taxes reimburse inaliable no saletransferGaius Faliminius had agrianlaw without consulting Tiberius voting rights extensionM Octavius veto to senate fail to pleb agree Oct veto againWeird veto is temporary not deny tribune rightsTiberius had removed Agrian Gaius Appius etc not illegal full judicial powers with imperium to decide Pergamene Treasure plebsRun for a second term not illegaloTribunician veto religious omens fail Senators say killed as tyrnatoScaevola removed to participate Tiberius cousin P Cornelisu Scipio Nasica Serapiolegal for any to kill300 River TiberP Popillius Laenas p Rupilius consuls special court to try GracchansConcilium Plebis prohibited senate having tribunals to condemn political off wo people appealFactional politicsoTiberius grandson of Scipio Africanus Hannibal winner Scipio Aemilianus married to T sisterTiberius accompanied Scipio to Carthage but ill wil cos inheritance also Scipio marry failT served under C Hostilius Mancius NumantinesT negotiate S Aemilianus says cowardice prosecuteScipio Aemilianus had commission transferred to consuls FlaccusCarbo oHad spoken against Carbo legalizing reelection to tribuneshipoGoing to make speech about Latintialian allies diedHad been pushing for citizenshipunpoptribune legalized expulsionFlaccus took up cause grant to any that wanted it but abandoned cos sent to MassiliaRebellion of Fregellaebad accusations inspiringGaius GraccusRestored to land commission powers S Ameilinaus persuaded to moveRoadbuilding programfarmsmarkets attendance at pub meetingsLex Frumentariabuyexport for rome fixed monthly rations price stabilization construction fo stores weaken patronageMilitary lawclothe anad equip shortened term forbad under 16 draftingNew coloniesrelieve overpopulation Capua TarntumJunoniarepeal religious fearsTax reformAsian tithe censors auction tithes for 5 yearsimmediate funds less than fixed protect debtors from losses benefit equestAcilian Lawexcluded senators etc from juries of standing courts of Calpurnian Law prov gov for extort gave eqeust unfairItalian ctizneshipFlaccus attempt to gegt but failoM Livius Drusus threat to veto Prsented bill to protect Italian soldiers from mistreatment insteadoBill to found 12 colonies in Italy rentfree never intended to be carried out not enough landsiphnongin supportAfter Gaius back from Africa support goneGaius defeated imperium cos founding Junonia protecting
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