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Dimitri Nakassis

996802982Paulo Ruiz NakassisReflection 4 The interpretation of Zeus Poleius Festival of Zeus of the City is a complex one I found that each of the sources had reasonable claims From Parkers perspective I agree on how Zeus is seen as the guardian of fields in the sense that sacrificing the working oxen is praise to Zeus In my own opinion it makes sense how the ox is the chosen animal for sacrifice the larger superior animal sacrificed for the most predominant and important god the god of the heavens Parkers point about how the killing of the oxen or bouphonia is somewhat controversial because it is killing the partner in ones labor is a major theme that is addressed by the majority of the sources Bukert addresses this by explaining how the ox had broken the ban and sinned against Zeus thus the bouphonia is justified From my understanding the ox is selecting itself for sacrifice by breaking this rule in Bukerts view The banished individual who created bloodshed in the altar was very common claimed Bukert which makes logical sense because the altar is a sacred place The person who killed the oxen during the Dipoleia would run away and not return just the same way within the founding mythThe larger picture needs to be addressed Parker claims that the this festival couldBelong to a particular day of a particular culture on page 190 This is a good point because the festivity more likely belongs to specific cults rather than every polis If every polis would sacrifice an ox during this festivity it wou
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