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Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
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Alan Ackerman

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6 characters play notes y The play the director is originally rehearsing is called the game of role playing y Director walks in with a cigar a bowler bat on his head and a walking stick under his arm y 6 characters enter the auditorium y Characters are wearing masks the masks will help to give the impression of figures constructed by art each one unchangeably fixed in the expression of its own fundamental sentiment y Descriptions of the characters pg 9612 y Characters enter asking for an author the director tells them to all leave asap y The father tells the director that all 6 of them were born as characters some ppl are recreated in a rock animal etc and they were recreated as characters of a play y The characters say that they have lived a painful dream y The director asks them where their script is and they reply by saying it is inside of them And that the drama they will perform is them Pg 964 y In the actual drama the stepdaughter says that her the father hooked her own mom and dad up y The son refuses to reveal his own drama and how he feels he refuses to express his emotions y The leading girl gets jealous that the leading guy is flirting with the stepdaughter y The father would go to the stepdaughters school and stalk her in a friendly way y The mother says that the father has snatched her own son away from him father replies that it was only so he would grow up strong and healthy
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