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Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

Miss Julie Drama y One of the most poetically known plays of its time y Naturalism in literal was a movement inspired by methods of natural scn y Challeneges the idea of cause and effect y These characters has little will like miss Julie y Strindberg and ibson father of modern drama y They focus the drama on the indivual character y Ibson is able to draw on the ideas of evn and heredityy Willhow responsible do the characters have on their fate y Positivismis a system that confines itself to the data of experience not making judgements excludes metaphysic elements y They were interested in logic y Positivme became kwnon for rebuktiaking metaphysic y Both ibson nd strin are interested in the tension between free will and determinism y They r interested in knowing who we are as individuals y Where does self begin and endibson y Erosion of subject boundariesibsons work y Strin had issues of class within his familyhe felt unwanted while growing up y String wrote alot of ibsons interepretation of women he thought ibson gave to much credit to woman y Strinthe world itself has no fixed truth thy Especially in 19 century man nd female were considered separate categories y Strin is a problematic naturalist y Naturalism for strin included dark scenery use of stage props as symbols y Stin i have motivated the tragic fate of Miss Julie with an abundance of circumstances her mothers basic instincts her fathers improper bringingup of the girl her own inborn nature and her fiancs sway over her weak and degenerate mind Further and more immediately the festive atmosphere of midsummer eve her fathers absence her period her preoccupation with animals the erotic excitement of the dance the long summer twilight the highly aphrodisiac influence of flowers and finally chance itself which drives 2 ppl together in an outoftheway room plus the boldness of the aroused man y Motivation is central to plot y All of us are motivated by our env genetics what we eat dirnk friends but also by total unexpected things that we have no control over y Strin says about charactermy soulsor characters are conglomerations from various stages of culture apast and present walking scrapbooks shred of human lives tatters torn from old rags that were once Sunday besthdgepodges just like the human soul I have even a supplied a lil souce history into the bargain by letting the weaker steal nd repeat words of the stronger letting them get ideassuggestions from one another from the envsongbirds blood and objects
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