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Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

The Cherry Orchard Notes y Lopakinwell my father was poor but take a lookme now all dressed up brandnew suit and tan shoes he didnt become like his father poor slave etc y Lopakin doesnt like Yepikhodov y Yepikdov is also a complainer he proposed to Dushanka is called double trouble in society y Dushanka thinks hes a nice boy very quiet she likes him a bit and he is crazy about her y Anya Varya dont like Yasha y Their father died 6 yrs ago and their bro Grisha drowned y Petya Trofimov was Grishas tutor and they are scared that if he visits itll cause their mom to remember what happened to her son y Situation in the story is that the estate including cherry orchard is being sold y Lopakins solution to the situation is clear out the old cherry orchard plus that land down by the river and subdivide You lease the plotsbuild vacation homesy Liubov considers the idea crazy saying how the cherry orchard is a landmark y Gayev our cherry orchard is mentioned in the encyclopaedia y Lopakin and Varya are supposedly going to get married so everyone says y Seeing the orchard reminds Liubov about her childhood and innocence y Varya momma hasnt changed if it was up to her shed give away everythi
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