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Center for Jewish Studies
Lauren Bialystok

UNI 280 Handout – The Jews in Manitoba: A Social History Submitted by: Michaela Santos November 21, 2013 Chiel, Arthur A. The Jews in Manitoba: A Social History. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1961. Notes on Author • 1920 – 1983 • Spiritual leader – Rosh Pina Congregation in Winnipeg • University of Manitoba o Director of B’nai Brith Hillel Foundation o Established the Department of Judaic Studies (1950) o Professor in Jewish history Summary I. The Land of Promise o Background history of Manitoba, Hudson’s Bay Company, The North West, Ferdinande Jacobs, Jewish population growth in Manitoba (1871-1874), other ethnic groups present in Manitoba during that period – Mennonites and Icelanders II. Pioneer Settlers o Joseph Ullman, Edmond Coblentz (1877), Reuben Goldstein III. Russian-Jewish Immigration o The Alliance Israelite Universelle, International Colonization Society of Canada, Canadian Pacific Railway IV. Agricultural Attempts o Farming as ideal way of life, Thomas Greenway (Premier of Manitoba), Jews preferred Winnipeg; steady decline in Jewish population in Manitoba since 1931 V. Commerce, Industry, and the Professions o Transition from fur-trade economy to agricultural economy, Jewish pattern of economic ability VI. The Religious Life o Yom Kippur (1879), Split between Orthodox vs. Progressive Judaism VII. Jewish Education o Winnipeg Hebrew Free School (1913) UNI 280 Handout – The Jews in Manitoba: A Social History Submitted by: Michaela Santos November 21, 2013 VIII. Social and Cultural Life o Charity balls, Hanukah Ball to build the Winnipeg General Hospital, Eastern Europeans
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