De Bary Chapter Three

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University of Toronto St. George
East Asian Studies
Graham Sanders

Chapter Three The Founding of the Bureaucratic Empire QinHan China 256BCE200 CEQins armies destroyed the Zhou royal domain in 256BCE and the last of the independent states in 221 BCEQins rule didnt last long Succeeding Han Dynasty retained its centralized bureaucratic monarchyQin and Han mobilized huge armies to confront emergence of a powerful enemy in the north the Xiongnu tribal confederation Han government extended its territories to the east west and south to deal with the threatQin government favored Legalism Han government preferred that its officials be learned in Confucian classicssuccessful in coordinating administrative control of a population of about 59 million people Han Dynastyfirst of the five major dynasties that lasted more than 25 centuries Qin Unification 256206 BCE221 BCE marks beginning of the Chinese empire Qin succeeded in defeating last of its rivalscreate unified China Lu Buwei rich merchant use wealth to gain political favorhigh social mobility of age decided that gaining control of a state offered more opportunities to grow rich than commerce did once his protege became king he became chancellorbrought victories over other states allowing Qin to increase its territories steadilyThe king died only after 3 years on thronein 247 13yearold King Cheng came to the throneLu as regent Ordered that common people who amassed riches through their own enterprise be granted n
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