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Chapter 20

Chapter 20 The Meiji State.docx

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East Asian Studies

Chapter20TheMeijiState(1868-1900) - Five Injunctions issued to commoners  Ordered them to practice the Confucian virtues of loyalty, filial piety, chastity, etc.  To desist from demonstrations and protests  To abjure Christianity  To conform to international public law  To stay in Japan - Centralization required convincing the daimyo to give up their domain  The government put all domainal retainers above the level of foot soldiers into one general category former samurai’  Abolished the domains and established prefectures - Changes  Reforms and technological innovations to strengthen the state against its domestic and foreign enemies  They hired Western experts to transform government, economy, infrastructure, and education  Issued civil and criminal codes that replaced different regulations for different statuses with rule by law that considered only the nature of the crime  Built telegraph lines and railroads to improve communications and foster unity  Replaced lunar calendar that farmers had used as a guide to planting and harvesting with Western calendar  Outlawed traditional hairstyles for men and suppressed village festivals  Issued these directives without warning or explanation  Eliminate Buddhist icons, rituals, and priests promote Sect Shinto as a national goals  Government decreed 8 years of compulsory education for all children to fit them for their responsibilities as productive citizens in modern nations  Established uniform property tax  Abolished ministries to consolidate their power or deny rivals and disputed what kind of government Japan was to have - Meiji Constitution defined institutions established before its promulgation  Military Gene
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