EAS388H1 Chapter 1: David Hwang, Jeeyeun Lee and Gina Marchetti

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University of Toronto St. George
East Asian Studies
Lisa Yoneyama

EAS388 Readings September 30 Notes David Hwang • David writes about a French diplomat who had a relationship with a Chinese singer for twenty years, to discover she was actually a man • Hwang represents that these stories are about racial stereotype and how everything is an illusion • That it actually takes longer to know another person, you cannot based on how they look or their sexuality to figure out where they are from • He said “oriental” woman were considered the eastern woman , and this exotic o However in the west, exotic was only in Hong Kong • He contrasts the “Madame Butterfly” story o Hwang says the oriental woman distracts himself but finds out the woman “Liling” hypnotized the woman to receive secrets about the Vietnam war o Now roles become reversed after Gallimard realized he was homosexual, so Gallimard becomes “Butterfly,” choosing an honorable death over a dishonorable life o Gallimard’s singular desire for a submissive Oriental woman was fulfilled only in his mind ▪ He just wanted an oriental submissive woman, thus this indicates the stereotype about oriental woman being submissive and whites are not, thus not making the man feel powerful Jeeyeun Lee • Diaspora = immigrants, refugee, overseas and ethnic community. Transnationalism o Diaspora people from a displaced community want to go backwards onto another time and land –pg. 186 o He tries to find the meaning for diaspora, and says the past is diaspora o Uses a comparison of how diasporic Koreans are in American history • He argues that the “Old World” (poverty, war and political repression) push people across the ocean into the “New World” (jobs, education, political stability) o Thus, the “Third World” were bad places to live, and the west were good o And hence many people would emigrate from third world countries o U.S is a place
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