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Chapter 15

ECE244H1 Chapter 15: ECE244 Ch15 Inheritance

Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Tarek Abdelrahman

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ECE244 Chapter 15 Inheritance
- Process by which a new class is created from another class
- Allows programmers to enhance existing class without modifying code of these class
- Purpose: facilitate code reuse
Derived Class
- Has all the variables and functions as base class
- Also has additional member functions and member variables
- Header:
class <derived_class_name> : public <base_class_name>
Names for these classes:
- Parent Class → Base Class
- Child Class → Derived Class
- Ancestor Class → Parent of a Parent of a Parent of another class
What if derived class and base class both define the same function?
- Redefine the function
- Override the function
What does derived class inherit?
- All public and private data members of base class
- All public and private function members of base class
- Private data and function members are not accessible in derived class
Base Class
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