ECO100Y1 Chapter 1-8: Economics_4th_Edition_by_Paul_Krugman_Ro

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31 Jul 2016
When it comes to explaining fundamental economic principles by drawing on current
economic issues and events, there is no one more trusted than Nobel laureate and New York
Times columnist Paul Krugman and co-author, Robin Wells. In this best-selling introductory
textbook, Krugman and Wells’ signature storytelling style and uncanny eye for revealing
examples help readers understand how economic concepts play out in our world.
for Krugman/Wells, Economics, Fourth Edition
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1: Common Ground, 5
2: From Kitty Hawk to Dreamliner, 25
3: NEW: A Natural Gas Boom, 67
4: Making Gains by the Book, 103
5: Big City, Not-So-Bright Ideas, 131
6: NEW: Taken for a Ride, 161
7: The Founding Taxers, 187
8: NEW: The Everywhere Phone, 217
9: Going Back to School, 249
10: The Absolute Last Bite, 281
11: The Farmer’s Margin, 329
12: NEW: Deck the Halls, 357
13: Everybody Must Get Stones, 385
14: Caught in the Act, 419
15: Fast-Food Differentiation, 445
16: NEW: Trouble Underfoot, 465
17: The Great Stink, 489
18: NEW: The Coming of Obamacare, 511
19: The Value of a Degree, 543
20: NEW: Extreme Weather, 581
2: Pajama Republics, 37
3: Pay More, Pump Less, 71
5: Check Out Our Low, Low Wages!, 145
6: Food’s Bite in World Budgets, 176
7: You Think You Pay High Taxes?, 209
8: Productivity and Wages Around the World,
9: Portion Sizes, 261
11: Wheat Yields Around the World, 332
13: The Price We Pay, 391
14: Contrasting Approaches to Antitrust
Regulation, 434
16: Economic Growth and Greenhouse Gases
in Six Countries, 473
17: Voting as a Public Good: The Global
Perspective, 496
18: NEW: Income, Redistribution, and
Inequality in Rich Countries, 515
19: The Overworked American?, 567
Applications in Economics
1: First Principles, 5
2: Economic Models: Trade-offs
and Trade, 25
3: Supply and Demand, 67
4: Consumer and Producer Surplus, 103
5: Price Controls and Quotas:
Meddling with Markets, 131
6: Elasticity, 161
7: Taxes, 187
8: International Trade, 217
9: Decision Making by Individuals
and Firms, 249
10: The Rational Consumer, 281
11: Behind the Supply Curve:
Inputs and Costs, 329
12: Perfect Competition and the
Supply Curve, 357
13: Monopoly, 385
14: Oligopoly, 419
15: Monopolistic Competition and
Product Differentiation, 445
16: Externalities, 465
17: Public Goods and Common
Resources, 489
18: The Economics of the Welfare
State, 511
19: Factor Markets and the
Distribution of Income, 543
20: Uncertainty, Risk, and Private
Information, 581
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