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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Mart Gross

Chapter 6 Ethical Value Ethical values have a unique power Foundation in value systems of religions and philosophies and are readily understood by the general public Appeal to respect for life reverence for nature or specific parts of it a sense of beauty fragility uniqueness or antiquity of the living world or a belief in divine creationTo many people provides the most convincing reasons for conservation Ethical Values of Biological Diversity Environmental Ethicsa new discipline within philosophy articulates the ethical value of the natural world Ethical arguments can complement economic and biological arguments for protecting biodiversityEthical Arguments for Preserving Biological Diversity Following arguments are based on intrinsic value of species and on our duties to other peopleImportant as they provide rationale for protecting all species rare and of no economic valueEach Species Has a Right to Exist o All species represent unique biological solution to the problem of survivalo All living species represent a historical lineage with their own beauty and fitnesso Intrinsic value reason enough to protect not because of human ne
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