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30 Mar 2012
Chapter 18
Conservation Outside Protected Areas
Species and ecosystems outside allowed to be damaged = decline in biodiversity
within protected areas
o Animal species migrate across protected areas
o Crucial component of CB to protected outside as well as inside
Smaller a PA it is the more dependent it is n neighbouring unPA for the long-term
maintenance of BD
o Larger and migratory species may a lower number of individuals that MVP
PA and unPA provide complementary roles in conserving nature
o Worst cause unPA water and air pollution will strangle PA and block
movement of dispersing animals and plants
o Best case unPA will provide additional space for ecosystem processes
and new populations corridors
Strategies for reconciling human needs and conservation interests in unPA are
critical for to the success of conservation plans
Many endangered and unique ecosystems are found partly or entirely on
unprotected lands
o Conservation of biodiversity in these places has to be considered
The Value of Unprotected Habitat
Strategies that encourage private landowners and government land managers to
protect rare species and biological are essential to long-term survival of species
Forest Steward Council leading organizations to promote the certification of
timbre produced from sustainably managed forests
o Forests need to be managed and monitored for their long-term
environmental benefits and rights and well-being of local people and
workers need to be recognized
Power line corridors managed with infrequent mowing and without herbicides
maintain high densities of birds, insects and other animals
Ecosystems that are impacted by human use can retain considerable biodiversity
and have importance in conservation efforts
Conservation in Urban Areas
Protecting remnants of biodiversity within a human-dominated matrix not only
present special challenges but provides unique opportunities to educate public
about biodiversity conservation
Examples, stock in Europe, falcon in skyscrapers
Cannot assume that al species have the potential to live within human-dominated
Generally increasing intensity of land use decrease the number of native
species found in a location
Size and configuration of landscape features will determine the extent to which
species and ecosystem processes are maintained
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