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University of Toronto St. George
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Mart Gross

Chapter 18 Conservation Outside Protected Areas Species and ecosystems outside allowed to be damageddecline in biodiversity within protected areaso Animal species migrate across protected areaso Crucial component of CB to protected outside as well as insideSmaller a PA it is the more dependent it is n neighbouring unPA for the longterm maintenance of BD o Larger and migratory species may a lower number of individuals that MVPPA and unPA provide complementary roles in conserving natureo Worst cause unPA water and air pollution will strangle PA and block movement of dispersing animals and plantso Best case unPA will provide additional space for ecosystem processes and new populationscorridorsStrategies for reconciling human needs and conservation interests in unPA are critical for to the success of conservation plans Many endangered and unique ecosystems are found partly or entirely on unprotected landso Conservation of biodiversity in these places has to be considered The Value of Unprotected Habitat Strategies that encourage private landowners and government land managers to protect rare species and biological are essential to lo
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