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University of Toronto St. George
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Mart Gross

Chapter 19 Restorative EcologyEcological Restorationis the practice of restoring the species and ecosystems that occupied a site at some point in the past but were degraded or destroyedo Provides useful scientific data in he process of its workRestoration Ecologyis the science of restorationthe research and scientific study of restored populations communities and ecosystemso Interprets and evaluates restoration projects in a way that can lead to improved methods Compensatory Mitigationin which a new site often incorporating wetland communities is created or rehabilitated in compensation for a site that has been destroyed elsewhere by development Damage and RestorationSome ecosystems have been so degraded by human activity that their ability to recover on their own is severely limitedEcological restoration may help return functioning ecosystems with some or all of the original species to such areas or encourage new valuable communitiesAdaptive Restorationrestored sites need to be monitored for years even decades to determine how well management goals are being achieved and whether further intervention is requiredReference Sitescomparison criteria th
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