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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
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Mart Gross

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Chapter 21 An International Approach to Conservation and Sustainable Development Biological diversity is concentrated in developing countries which tend to have weak government and relatively high poverty economic and social equality population growth and habitat destructionInternational cooperation and agreements are often needed to protect biodiversity and to address issues of population and climate changeCountries can collectively manage shared areas such as coastal zones and shared resources such as migratory animals and fishing groundsProtection of biodiversity must be addressed at multiple levels of governmentHowever international cooperation is an absolute requirements for several reasons o Species migrate across international boarderso International trade in biological products is commonplace o Benefits of biological diversity are of international importanceo Many problems of environmental pollution that threaten ecosystems are international in scope and require international cooperationInternational Agreement to Protect Species Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species CITESheadquarters in Switzerland establish lists of species for
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