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University of Toronto St. George
Migiwa Tanaka

Chapter 4: Displaying and Describing Categorical Data The main rule of Data Analysis: 1. Make a picture (will help to reveal things you’re not likely to see in a table of numbers, and will help you report your findings to others) Frequency table: tells us how frequent something exists (ie) how many Loblaws stores in Ontario Relative Frequency Table: records percentages to show how many __ there are relative to the total (ie) how many stores in Ontario relative to total Canadian stores not to be confused by the area* -height tells us how many times 1 item is relative to another Area Principle: area occupied by a part of the graph should correspond to the magnitude of the value it represents BAR CHARTS: -give us an accurate visual impression of the distribution Bar Chart: displays the distribution of a categorical variable, showing the counts for each category next to each other for easy comparison –space bw each bar -same widths, different heights Pie Charts: show the whole group of cases as a circle always check that the data represent 100% of something -make sure no 2 categories overlap (no individual is cou
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