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Robert Brym

Assignment 1 CSC343 Introduction to databases Fall 2008 Submission instructions This assignment is due Monday October 6th at 1 pm in the CSC343 drop-box in BA2210 (south-west corner). Assignments must be typed, pages numbered and stapled together (no paper-clips or envelopes). If you are working in a team of two, submit just one assignment (otherwise, the assignment with the lower mark will be considered. We won’t accept late work, but if you have a avlid reason for not being able to turn your work in on time, contact your instructor as soon as possible with documented evidence of your reason, and we’ll work to make sure you aren’t penalised for events beyond your control Introduction These exercises are based on a schema created for a course project by a DCS undergraduate, for an existing foodbank in the GAT. The foodbank allows impoverished client s who cannot obtain sucient food from their income to withdraw some additional food from the bank. A client may withdraw food or milk up to the cash avlue specied in voucher s issued either to them, or to another client who is their provider (often a family breadwinner). reltaionships between dependent s and provider s must be recorded, as well as the voucher histoyr of any transactions changing the balance of milk or cash on their voucher . The foodbank must keep track of satff who issue vouchers, and client’s address es are recorded independently of client s. oYu should consult material from lecture slides, on-line Postgres SQL documentation, and Chapter 3 of the textbook. Data definition Examine the schema in foodbank_schema.txt. oYu may experiment with these DDL statements in your own database following the instructions to connect to your own postgres database at: http://www.cdf.toronto.edu/~csc343h/fall/postgres.shtml Once you have connected to your own database, you may read in the statements in foodbank_schema.txt: csc343h-=> \i foodbank_schema.txt
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