ENG100H1 Chapter Notes -Gene Youngblood, Machinima, Experimental Film

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Published on 30 Mar 2013
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Chapter 8 Challenging Form: Experimental Film and New Media
avant-garde cinema aesthetically challenging, non-commercial films that self-consciously reflect on how human senses and
consciousness work or explore and experiment with film forms and techniques; avant-garde cinema thrived in Europe in the 1920s
and in the US after World War II
experimental films films that explore film form and subject matters in new and unconventional ways, ranging from abstract image
and sound patterns to dreamlike worlds
new media a term used in both information science and communications as well as the arts to refer to an array of technologies,
including the Internet, digital technologies, video-game consoles, cell phones, and wireless devices, and the applications and
imaginative creations they support
modernity a term designating the period of history stretching from the end of the medieval era to the present, as well as the
period’s attitude of confidence in progress and science centered on the human capacity to shape history
underground film nonmainstream film, associated particularly with the experimental film culture of 1960s and 1970s New York
and San Francisco, characterized by the intersection of performance and sexual subcultures
machinima a new media form that modifies video-game engines to create computer animation
formalist a scholar who believes a work’s form or structure is primary, and posits that objective meaning is to be found in the
work itself and not in an outside source, such as the author’s biography
abstract films formal experiments that are also nonrepresentational; these films use colour, shape, and line to create patterns and
rhythms that are abstracted from real actions and objects
expanded cinema a term coined in 1970 by Gene Youngblood that describes how video and computer technology can allow
moving-image media to extend consciousness; also designates a number of installation or performance-based experimental film
surrealist cinema one of the most influential of the avant-garde movements, surrealist films confronted middle-class assumptions
about normality using the powers of film to manipulate time, space, and material objects according to a dreamlike logic