ENG100H1 Chapter Notes -Thesis Statement

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Published on 30 Mar 2013
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Chapter 12 Writing a Film Essay: Observations, Arguments, Research, and
critical objectivity writing with a detached response that offers judgments based on facts and evidence with which others would,
or could, agree
film review a short essay that describes the plot of a movie, provides useful background information (about the actors and the
director, for example), and pronounces a clear evaluation of the film to guide its readers
analytical essay the most common kind of writing done by film students and scholars, distinguished by its intended audience and
the level of its critical language
character analysis a formal topic, concentrating its argument on a single character or on the interactions between more than one
narrative analysis a formal topic that concentrates on the story and its construction
stylistic analysis offers a wide variety of topics that engage the formal arrangements of image and sound, such as shot
composition, editing, and the use of sound
comparative analysis an analysis evaluating features or elements of two or more different films, or perhaps a film and its literary
cultural analysis a formal topic that investigates the relationship of a film to its place in history, society, or culture
evidence concrete details that convince readers of the validity of a writer’s interpretation
thesis statement a short statement (often a single sentence) that succinctly describes and anticipates each stage of an essay’s
argument; a working thesis is a rough version of a thesis used to draft an essay
topic sentence usually the first sentence of a paragraph that announces the central idea around which all other sentences within the
paragraph cohere
primary research sources these sources have a direct and close relationship with the original film, such as a DVD; some of these
materials are readily available in libraries, including the many classic scripts now published as books; others, such as 16mm films,
can be far more difficult to locate, except in film archives
Works Cited list of sources cited in an essay, positioned on a separate page immediately after the last page of the essay text
Works Consulted optional list of sources that have been consulted but not cited in the text or notes of an essay; appears on a
separate page after the Works Cited list