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A Maurice

Chapter 9 Rituals, Conventions, Archetypes, and Formulas: Movie Genres  genre  a category or classification of a group of movies in which the individual films share similar subject matter and similar ways of organizing the subject through narrative and stylistic patterns  iconography  images or image patterns with specific connotations or meanings  hybrid genres  mixed forms produced by the interaction of different genres, such as musical horror films  subgenres  a specialized genre that defines a specific, more limited version of a more general genre, often by refining it with an adjective, such as the spaghetti western or slapstick comedy  comedies  a film genre that celebrates the harmony and resiliency of social life, typically with a narrative that ends happily, and often emphasizes episodes or “gags” over plot continuity  slapstick comedies  films known for physical humour and stunts; some of the first films were slapstick comedies  screwball comedies  a comic subgenre of the 1930s and 1940s known for fast talking and unpredictable action  romantic comedies  a subgenre of comedy in which humour takes second place to the happy ending, typically focusing on the emotional attraction of a couple in a lighthearted way  westerns  a film genre set in the American West, typically featuring rugged, independent male characters on a quest or dramatizing frontier life  epic western  a subgenre of the western that concentrates on action and movement, with a hero whose quests and battlers serve to define the nation and its origins; this genre has its roots in literature and epic paintings, and appears early and often in film history  existential western  a more introspective subgenre of the western that features a hero plagued with self-doubt and troubled by his changing social status; also designates a number of installation or performance-based experimental film practices  political western  a more contemporary and critical subgenre of the western, this subgenre tends to foreground the ideology and the politics that have always informed the western  melodramas  theatrical, literary, and cinematic narrative mode often centered on individual crises within the confines of family or other social institutions, frequently characterized by clearly identifiable moral types, coincidences and reversals of fortune, and the use of music (melos) to underscore the action  physical melodramas  a subgenre of the melodrama that focuses on the physical plight and material conditions that repress or control the protagonist’s desires and emotions  family melodramas  a su
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