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Nick Mount

1) Okonkwos perception and idea of the importance of aggression and negatively geared determination in proving his masculinity to both himself and his peers within the igbo community, is the reason for his main fatal flaw, his desire to be nothing like his father. This desire led to both his families and his personal downfall and ultimately his suicide. -This flaw leads him to go into exile (kills a clansman), after which he discovers fundamental changes in the village; the village has converted from Islam to Christianity, and white colonists had taken over power from the local clansmen. This eventually leads to Okonwo's downfall and suicide. - others in the community slowly stop supporting okonkwos violent acts like his decision to kill his son in order to prove his own manliness - continuously degrades woman and gains multiple wives to prove his great wealth unlike his father thus leaving his family broken (shot at his wife) - his disgust of his son for not portraying more masculine qualities which shows his great disrespect for woman 2) Achebe makes good use of characterization and inner as well as familial and societal conflicts in Okonkwos life to effectively show how he is motivated by power, and h
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