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University of Toronto St. George
Greig Henderson

Kallen, “Style and Meaning” Reading Notes - many people feel troubled by phrases that add nothing and obscure much in the meaning of the words - strains readers - taxes the mind unncessarily - Kallen does not always agree with these charges - tradition of the best way of writing being that which is easiest to read - accuracy rests upon vocabulary - form is the consequence of logical order unfolding in time - fundamental in every style is the rhythmic idiosyncrasy of its movement - in poetry style is obvious and obviously important - in prose it is not so obvious, but still a fact - written word is especially dependent on the inward pulse for its effect - rhythm is the essence of personality in style - the other element of style is diction - easier to analyze and talk about - rhetoricians have many rules about choosing words - rules are retrospective—help you to identify excellence after it has been created - rhetoricians often prefer the familiar to the new, the vague to the specific, the similar to the same - would rather identify than distinguish - foremost rule is to choose the word that will strain the reader’s mind the least - “a man is known by the vocabulary he keeps” - words he chooses are part of who he is - however, word
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