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University of Toronto St. George
Mike Johnstone

Weinbaum, “AMartian Odyssey” Reading Notes - written in the 1930s - emphasizes some of the best qualities of pulp science fiction - “AMartian Odyssey” inspired by classical epic e.g. The Odyssey - long homecoming - strange new world - adventures - light-hearted, but a depth at its core - all-male characters - Jarvis - typical all-American hero - brash - adventurous - brave - chemist of the crew - smart - represents cooperation with the Other— “Tweel and his race are worthy of our friendship” - Putz - crew engineer - foreigner (notAmerican) - Leroy - crew biologist - foreigner (notAmerican) - ideas rejected by Jarvis - French - Harrison - astronomer and crew captain - impatient - all-American - sarcastic - sardonic - doesn’t seem to believe that Tweel could be intelligent—fear of the Other? - represents a fear, repulsion, or distrust of the Other - typical adventure story—first humans to set foot on Mars - clues that this is the future - “twenty years after the madAmerican Doheny perfected the atomic blast...and only a decade after the equally mad Cardoza rode on it to the moon” - new technology: rockets, space-ships, etc. - the landscape of Mars as a character of the story - names different regions - completely false today, but would have felt true at the time - plants - different types of landscape - canals - different cities e.g. Mud-heap City - similar to Earth but fundamental differences - variety of alien life forms - bio-pods—not intelligent - Tweel - intelligent life-form but completely unlike humans - different ways of living - different bodily systems - different technology - perhaps more intelligent than humans—able to grasp parts of their language - completely different ways of thinking - adapted to the Mars environment - rock creature - not intelligent - completely different life form (silicon, as opposed to carbon) - doesn’t breathe air - reproduces by itself - immortal - black dream monster - black, rope-armed monster - dream-beast - makes people see visions - uses longings and desires to tray prey - mound-builders - barrel-shaped creatures - many limbs - many eyes, no head - all able to communicate with one another? - mimics - either less intelligent than Tweel and Jarvis, or their logic/thinking is of a different order than Tweel’s and Jarvis’s - complex cave/tunnel system - breed through parthenogenesis - some sort of purpose in the society—each has its own role - no home-life - complex machinery - suicide (to what end?) - healing crystal - racist tropes - Leroy and Putz made fun of for their accents - “Negroites” as primitive people compared to Tweel - “See, Frenchy?” - gender stereotypes - men have to be “manly” - “you sap!” - women not seen in the crews; the only woman mentioned is a prostitute (?) who will be Jarvis’s reward for getting back - crossing species barriers - Jarvis and Tweel become friends despite the vast differences between the two of them - friendship forged on commonalities (e.g. the black creature is a foe to both of them) - both looking for companionship - both loyal - similar despite their many differen
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