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Robert Mc Gill

Gaining a window on Africadia a position of one aspect of the African diaspora African America Candian Nova Scotian The term Africadia is coined by Clarkeit emphasizes the meeting of two presumed wholeswhich conveys the historical hybritiy and unity in the post colonial world Acadia is a position a cultural and spatial location characterized by a race in one specific location and also situates them within the boarder theme of exile which runs through the provinces history Nova Scotia has an interesting history freeing black loyalists irish who famined and left and the thousands that left to central America and New England to find work Yet two hunred years in Nova Scotia molded a society informed as much by limitation and possibilities of Nova Scotia as the residual elements of West Africa and America Africadia is a Northern variant of Jamaica Mississippi cut from the same broad cloth of slavery and diaspora but dyed with the hues of the ocean snow and apple blossoms not magnolias but wild roses not corn bread and honey but brown bread and molasses as much Hank Snow and George Jones as Leadbelly and Duke EllingtonSissiboo Delta bluesLike the Acadians who were expelled from the colony in 1755 AfricanAcadians survived their exile by forging separate communities and identities built on the social geography of Nova Scotia In 1783 over 3000 black loyalists left nova scotia
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