Chapter 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Greg Johnston

in. Chaptw-7 Sadan kSangMatXStylead natui?nude Vocal' inildie, .cqo Aton-Lana una (e, tanchan nut) ta,ta -wrenadee Aongs dana natu d una Banqundi an anual attala. AAgh. Kauel an uo a . An eet mu ue in a cou/t トー stoplue,4-pant wmet ain) uppen,me ody,aemfle atatyue hanmarue4, may duell in laten, lea leaf,t Seculan can?pn. Aillan e sea ( p asant sena):ん0maphonte/step uillanella 3 uowes canaentaanyato)homophonic,ahnt.cangen aine,m dancing )AungingAtau aclAung 아 /Mwut fAtm心g muay01.poela m ets anch RE ~ideas +F ces equally wu1Mealli/ankey text's uouced .col oncere donne) .compasena nour catend ou ed enee's fart ee/Tian s liacade t aal시 mad waal 9 ear care datee cum , ca / 38 ee's aneation dole egar EX con on Ayn ourinLUwal of a n end: eheck muatealthotioret nentlunA Compesene, oienclunchefatyphong .comp61ena lend auwyditalsandaa keading mad ugallata nd as keading AnadALQ at: mad uayallarna 싸and painting 요ach phnaseko madALO allarna: 싸ond paint n each .phAade/and in . Chaptw - 7 Sadan kSangMatXStylead natui ? nude Vocal ' inildie , .cqo Aton - Lana una ( e , tanchan nut ) ta , ta -wrenadee Aongs dana natu d una Banqundi an anual attala . AAgh . Kauel an uo a . An eet mu ue in a cou / t トー stoplue , 4 - pant wmet ain ) uppen , me ody , aemfle atatyue hanmarue4 , may duell in laten , lea leaf , t Seculan can ? pn . Aillan e sea ( p asant sena ) : ん 0maphonte / step uillanella 3 uowes canaentaanyato ) homophonic , ahnt.cangen aine , m dancing ) AungingAtau aclAung 아 / Mwut fAtm 心 g muay01.poela m ets anch RE ~ ideas + F ces equally wu1Mealli
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