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29 Nov 2012
Tutorial 2 Questions: Napoleon
1. In his 1796 proclamation, which things (tangible and intangible) did
Napoleon offer his troops?
- Relation to communion? Generally means ‘separated’
1796 Proclamations: What does Napoleon offer his troops.
- Napoleon will guide them better, instills a sense of being needed.
- Giving them a sense of purpose.
- Provides tangible goals that could prove to be predominantly successful.
- Honor, glory which will promise you this conquest.
- Switching “you” – from “we’ll (take control)”
- Moral justification of their conquest
2. In “Napoleon’s Account of the Internal Situation of France in 1804”, what is the
burden Napoleon agreed to take up? Do you think he really considered it a burden?
- Building of the social security for people.
- Set up of power structure but his conditions are typically beneficial to
- The importance of continuity.
- He doesn’t always have a way to sustain his own power, therefore he
continuously aims to refine his power through fear.
- His wars made him the patriotic symbol of France.
- People just wanted stability.
- External powers taking advantage of France’s instability.
- Also the length of time for fighting (12 Years, constantly at war)
3. The 1804 “Account” lists many key reforms, restorations or developments
Napoleon made. Which do you think were the most significant?
- A testament to Napoleon’s ideas – his education system still in effect.
- Meritocracy; hereditary rule. Basing his system, on the success and the skills
of the people.
- Uses the term ‘useful citizens’ which are not only useful to the nation but also
to him.
- Civil service
- His education system is designed for his success as well.
- National myth-making by bringing in the ideas of great prizes for
4. Why, according to the “Imperial Catechism” of 1806, does Napoleon deserve to be
Emperor? What are the sources does he draws upon to legitimate his power?
5. Would women have welcomed the Code Napoleon?
- Of course not. Simply because of the unequal power distribution.
- Elimination of the distribution system.
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